“Endangered Species: Riparian Brush Rabbit” graphite on paper 9"x12"

“Endangered Species: California Sea Otter” graphite on paper 9"x12"

“Endangered Species: California Condor” graphite on paper 9"x12"

“Childhood Friends”
ink on paper 17"x23"

“Goliath Beetle”
graphite on paper 11"x17"

“Hare With Peaches”
pen on paper 11"x17"

“Give a Mouse Some Cherries” colored pencil on paper 11"x17"

“still life” acrylic on canvas 11"x14"

“Come Get In This Cup and We Will Hold Hands” ink on paper 11"x17"

“The Bull” watercolor on paper 8.5"x12.5"

charcoal on paper 30"x45"


The loss of childhood brings the distance and lack of familiarity between human and animal, and all love and compassion is thrown out the window. Animals no longer surround us in soft, harmonious images brought by toys and books, but disappear completely. Through my art I rekindle this relationship between humans and animals, renewing what is meant to be felt between the two. I draw to say what animals cannot say themselves, not aiming to instill fear or guilt, but to draw out the empathy that once swarmed human’s hearts for such wonderful creatures.